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21 January 2011 @ 08:06 am
Free Rift Beta Key! Not Kidding Guys  
So, because I signed up for the newsletter and preordered I got a beta key that is good for 25 accounts, for the upcoming MMO RIFT. If you want to try the game during the remaining events, here are the instructions. Remember, this key will only work 25 times total!


To Apply the VIP Code:

1. Go to https://account.RIFTgame.com to login or create a new account.
2. Click "Apply Code" on the left-hand navigation bar and enter your VIP key.
3. You're done! You will automatically be invited into the remaining beta events.

I already have access to the events due to a preorder. If you use the key let me know! That way I can possibly find ya in game. I play on Faeblight right now, and prolly will at release.