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20 May 2011 @ 10:43 am
Diablo 2 Adventures Day 3: Radamant aint so Adamant Now!  
Dear Diary,

Well I got out of jail...but whomever decided that the jail was the only thing to connect the inner and outer monestary should be shot! I mean, really, why not have a nice simple hallway between the two! But noooo we gotta have this huge jail complex that connects the two areas. BAH! Anyway, after I got out, I found a town portal scroll and ran back to the camp to tell Deckard Cain the news. He informed me that I needed to go back into there and find a demon named Andarial and kill her. Well, demons are demons and need killing so I went back in, found her, and mauled her. Being a bear is fun.

After I found and killed her, Warriv was then willing to take me across the land to Lut Gohlain, where the Dark Wanderer had gone. No one wanted to talk to me there cept for one lady, who begged me to go into the stinky sewers and find some critter named Radamant, and kill em. Well, since I am pretty good at that, I went and did it.

Now I smell like rotted meat. I need a bath.

So yea, last night I was able to accomplish both goals I had set out to do, AND go a bit farther! My main goals last night were as follows:

1) Find the runes and weapon to build the Runeword STEEL
2) Kill Andarial

Not only did I do both of those, I was also able to build the Runeword Stealth in some armor (I had plenty of runes thanks to the 7 Countess Runs I had to do to get the El and Tir for STEEL), and I killed both Andy and Radamant.

I also ended up respeccing and going Bear, intending eventually to go Fireclaws with a dash of Shockwave. Oh yea, gonna go big and angry and FIRE AND BURNINATION HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



ANYWAY! Next goal / milestone? GET THE HORADRIC CUBE! Yesssss must get cubey must MAKE THINGS.