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Clayton B.
26 September 2008 @ 08:27 am
So I finally did the Furious Foodies post for Fiddlers Green as well as one EXTRA Post! Also, the eatery for this sunday has been chosen. It should be very AWESOME.

I encourage any of you who come to Orlando or live around here to check out the new site. I am doing it to help people find the "little gems" of eating around here.

Also, I am awesome as a writer so you should totally check it out, and my roomate Jess is an awesome photographer. Dan is ok too ;)

The link to the site is now at the top of my journal, but you can find it here too - http://furiousfoodies.blogspot.com

If you have any comments just leave em here.
Clayton B.
22 September 2008 @ 10:21 am
I love food. Anyone who really knows me knows that fact. I love to eat. I freaking watch the Food Network nearly all the time because I like to see the different things that are made.

Well recently, with the upgrade in pay that I have from my job, I decided to expand my culinary horizans.

A friend of mine who I hang out with on a regular basis named Dan also wants to do the same. So we decided to make a website, and actually go around to places here in Orlando and try different types of cuisine as well as different establishments.

I mean, me and him eat out every weekend already, might as well have some fun with it!

Check out the site - http://furiousfoodies.blogger.com

Its just starting, but tonight hopefully I will have our first review: The Irish Pub Fiddlers Green!
Clayton B.
05 September 2008 @ 08:26 am
I got an SP last night from Gamestop, plus 2 games and a case. The games I got were Golden Sun, and Golden Sun the Lost Age. I just started messing around with it and I rather like it, and so far Golden Sun is interesting. I know I am gonna get FF Tactics Advance, and probebly a couple of the Final Fantasy games and Castlevania. I know I want Super Mario 3, and Super Mario World.

Beyond that though, I am unsure what to get. I got the SP not the DS.

If you have any suggestions on games that you think I might like throw em out here. I prefer Side Scrollers, RPG's, and action games.

So give me a suggestion people!

I got the Silvery Blue SP, which has a brighter backlight. Its in AMAZINGLY good condition with little to no scratches. Its freakin SWEET.
Clayton B.
04 September 2008 @ 08:15 am
So yesterday at work, while doing the stress testing for the system (which we may have to do more of today!) I was browsing the NESkimo's wikipedia page and found the Similar Artists section. Of course we had the Minibosses, and the Advantage, and all those. But then I saw another band that I had never heard of.

The Megas.

This made me curious, so I checked out their wiki page and found out that they are a Metal Band that has done remixs of the songs from MM2, and actually have an album! Furthermore, the music that they do has lyrics. Its kinda unique!

Anyway, rather then talk about em over and over, how bout you listen to em.

Click Here to open a Player

This player is the Myspace player. Be aware of that. I hate Myspace but more and more bands are using it to showcase their stuff. Bleh. I am debating whether or not I am gonna purchase their album. Its like $10. I can even get an actual physical one!
Current Music: The Megas - Metal Dance
Clayton B.
03 September 2008 @ 01:42 pm
So apparently at work I got volunteered to do a Stress Test of our new phone system. See, now that I am licenced to sell insurance I am going to a brand new account that they are opening up called Extend Health. Look em up sometime on the web.

For this new account they need a new phone IVR and phone system. So today, after lunch is over (in 7 minutes from the time of this post) I will be making calls to the IVR to stress test it and make sure its workin properly. I am not sure if I should be pleased.

Because if I aint doing this I am studying Medicare/Medicaid stuff...which I will learn NEXT WEEK in actual TRAINING!

Yea, my work is bassackwards yo.
Clayton B.
03 September 2008 @ 11:17 am
Alot of you don't know this about me, but I have a serious issue with debt. I have alot of it, mostly from when I was younger. Today I was bored and looking around at various Debt Relief options, and found Freedom Debt Relief, which is a group who handles Debt Relief.

What they do is negotiate. What do I mean by this? From what I can glean on their site: They contact your creditors, and they negotiate a settlement on your behalf, dramtically reducing your payments and what you owe. Is this a good thing? Yes! If I had $40k in debt I might get it dropped to $20k. Thats over 50% of my debt gone thanks to these guys.

Basically the process works as thus:

1. You call them, or even email em, to get a consultation setup. They go through with you and figure out if they can help you, and apparently this takes as little as 10 minutes

2. They assist you in figuring out how much you can save each month towards paying off these debts, which will be placed in a bank account they help setup but you have control over. These amounts tend to be much less then what you would pay normally, which is always a good thing!

3. After you enroll, they start calling all the people you owe money to and then try to get them to call THEM rather then you. This means less "Hey you owe us money" calls. I hate those calls personally.

4. Once you have saved enough money they start trying to negotiate. Apparently the typical settlement they aim for is 50%.

5. After they pay off the creditor, you get a happy email saying Hey, we paid them for ya! They call it their Good News notification.

6. Finally, they contact the credit company to have them report that your account is now paid in full and in good standing, so to help your credit report.

They also have information on a few other debt relief options, such as Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy. Personally, after reading about Credit Counseling (they work for my creditors? Terrific!) I would personally not choose that. And Bankruptcy messes with your credit report badly. For example: If I had a bankruptcy claim on my credit report I might not have been allowed to join the College of Insurance program at work!

I honestly think that I am going to email these folks and see if they can help me with my student loans and other debt issues that I personally have. I would love to become debt free and I need some help in correcting it. I can't have debt forever ya know!

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Clayton B.
03 September 2008 @ 11:09 am
So I was thinking of saving up some money and getting myself a Gameboy. My two options are the Advance SP and the DS. In all honestly, both have positives and negatives.

The main reason I would get a DS is for some specific games. Like Disgaia and FF Tactics A2. Beyond that, I am not a huge fan of the freakin thing.

However, I was glancing at the games list of the SP and found a huge library of things like Zelda 1, 2, and Link to the Past, Castlevania 1, and a few other newer Castlevania, FF Tactics Advanced, various FF remakes, ect.

The DS can play GB Advanced games, however its like double in price in most cases. The SP I would most likely have to get used. I hate having to make choices like this. I think I might just get the SP because its cheaper.

I am unsure. Any thoughts?
Clayton B.
28 August 2008 @ 10:39 pm
GET IT FOR YOUR XBOX I SWEAR YOU WILL LOVE IT! In all seriousness though this game is amazingly fun. Its cartoony, inventive, and old school all at the same time. The basic premise is you are a knight, and your castle has been attacked and a magic crystal has been stolen. Also, the 4 princesses have been kidnapped. It is up to you to rescue them and save your kingdom!

Its basically a side scroller / beat em up game where you run around and smack your enemy around with various weapons, and magic attacks. I have been playing the Red Knight which is the lightning knight, and I love it.

Its only 1200 MS Points, so check it out. There is a demo and I swear you will love this game!
Clayton B.
25 August 2008 @ 12:50 pm
I posted an EBook :O

Basically I took a short story I wrote a while back and did a self publish of it on a website called LuLu.

Its only 50 cents if any of you are interested, and yes, you gotta pay to read it :P

I am not sure its the best work in the world but hey, I might as well give it a shot right?



If you do buy it, leave a review either here or on the site, and be BRUTALLY HONEST.

And Isil, feel free to yell at me about spelling/grammer stuff if you want :P
Clayton B.
20 August 2008 @ 07:49 am
So last night I had a crazy dream, and it has made me want to write a story/book using the concept.

The basic idea in the dream was that there were people who mutated, ie gained strange powers. Those that did were found by the UN somehow, and then transported to an island hidden inside the Bermuda Triangle.

This island was home to a city called Arcadia. This city was full of supers, and was a place to keep them till they learned to control their powers, where at that point they were given the option of returning to their home country.

The island also housed the prison for super powered criminals.

In my dream me, my wife, and roomate all gained powers. And thus we were all sent to Arcadia.

I could grant sentience to inanimate objects by bearing near them. My wife could speak with animals and insects, and my roomate could command fire.

In my dream, we just lived out our lives on the island, content as they provided for everything and we really didnt need to work.

Yea, I want to write a story based on this idea now.
Clayton B.
19 August 2008 @ 09:55 pm
I passed the State Exam. In 10 days I get my actual licence and become a full health insurance agent. HUZZAH

For some reason it takes the government 10 days to check my finger prints and make sure I am not some madman trying to sell insurance. Stupid government, always trying to keep me down! However, thanks to passing I now make $13 an hour, which means I can pay off debts and buy stuff for myself much easier now. On Sept 8th I enter into Extend Health training and actually learn how to sell the insurance! :O
Clayton B.
10 August 2008 @ 10:54 pm
I got a better option now! Here is the whole story:

At work, they have a program they call the "College of Insurance". Basically my work has 3 divisions. They have Fulfillment, which is the shipping/warehouse team, they have Commercial, which is currently made up of Napster (Which is where I was until Friday) FedEx and CareMark (Isil Elen is on this), and finally Health, which is made up of roughly 6 different health insurance companies.

The Health side is a inbound/outbound sales and customer service enviroment, where you must be licensed to sell health insurance in the State of Florida in order to actually do anything other then customer service.

The College of Insurance is a program where the company I work for, Connextions, pays you to train and become licensed. They do not take just anyone into this program. You must pass a skills assessment and personality test to prove that you have the right mindset for the job.

Now for the story:

Since May 31st I have been stuck on Napster, with no hope of escape. FedEx was my only option and until last week it was not hiring. Oddly enough however, at the same time FedEx needed people, apparently a new health account was opening.

I found this out because they pulled people who expressed interest in the College of Insurance (CoI from now on) for a meeting.

I expressed interest at the time, which was Thursday, mainly to get off the phone. I found that the man in charge of the health accounts, the Ops Manager, was a very nice and friendly and HONEST person. He told us straight out that the account itself was not guarenteed to be around past Dec 31st as 3 Call Centers wanted it, and the best would get it. However, to counter this, Connextions was waving the 1 Year Commitment to the CoI. Yes, those who went thru it had to stick around Connextions for a year.

Now, this sounded interesting. Here was the kicker though. During the CoI training it was $11.00 an hour ($1.00 more then what I make now) and then afterwards, once you got licensed, it became $13.00 an hour plus any commissions (it is sales after all) and of course, you are now licensed to sell Health Insurance anywhere in Florida for 2 years.

I became conflicted, and after much thought (And goading from both Isil Elen the Roomie and Commenting the Wife) I decided to take the pretest and see if I could do it.

On Napster, 21 people took the test. Out of that, they were only going to take the top 6 if they passed the interview. They only found 5 people they were willing to take.

I was one of them. The test measured your possible chance to pass the License Test on the first try, as well as how likely you are to do well in the sales enviroment. I got an 88%. The highest score ever was achieved by 2 of the others which was a 94%.

The average passing score is a 50%! The score REQUIRED to pass this test is a 45%.

The 5 of us got the following scores: 2 94%, 3 88%.

5 out of 21... WHAT DID THE OTHERS GET?!

So, Monday (tomorrow), I start my Insurance License class. $11 bucks an hour till I get the licence, then $13.

Even better? After the Insurance Class (CoI) which ends on Sept 6th, I got 6 more weeks of training for the ACTUAL ACCOUNT!

I wont be touching the phones again till mid October! :D HOORAY!

So yea, its gonna be SWEET
Clayton B.
06 August 2008 @ 03:00 pm
To FedEx. We have a FedEx account here, and they are looking for people, and I despise Napster. You could see from my last gripe how I feel about Napster... Its a cesspool. My wife however works over in FedEx and seems to prefer it over Napster, which is a good thing considering how picky my wife is.

I am gonna volunteer I think and go for it. Its outbound calling though so eww.
Clayton B.
30 July 2008 @ 10:01 pm
So I have been eyeing Warhammer Online lately, for a change of pace. It seems interesting honestly. Its very PvP focused, although apparently they call it RvR (which means Realm vs Realm). My only concern is the fact that its WARHAMMER! It needs to be good. Warhammer has been around for over 12 years easy. Its steeped in lore and dripping with it, like a sponge. Warhammer is a Lore Sponge!

So I am gonna keep an eye on it and I might preorder it. I hear they are gonna let preorder customers into an open beta.
Clayton B.
23 July 2008 @ 09:01 am
This one takes the cake. I shall talk about my favorite after the video...

Ok... the best is truly number 1. Why is it the best? BECAUSE ITS PEE WEE FREAKIN HERMAN! Thats why! "This...is crack!" Seriously, best PSA Ever. Well that and the kids going DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS...WHICH ARE GOOD WHICH ARE BAD. I mean honestly, how are these even freaking useful PSA's. He has a good point about them, where the whole point is to scare you into submission. Its still freakin hilarious to see Pee Wee Herman tell me to not smoke the Crack Rocks...when he has to be on something himself!

I mean honestly...TALKIN CHAIRS?!
Clayton B.
15 July 2008 @ 01:08 pm
So, I got an email about testing out Tabula Rasa, which is an MMO made by Lord British himself. Seriously, it could be good! The game appears to be a very sci fi oriented game and after looking at the class system I am not sure I am going to like that particular function of it.

I mean, everyone starts out as the Recruit, then you choose 1 of two choices, and then another choice, and finally a 4th choice.

In the end thats 8 classes. Not bad, but not great. Warhammer has like 22.

Ah well I shall check it out I guess. Might be good, might not.
Clayton B.
09 July 2008 @ 10:59 am
Ok now this is funny stuff. First, here is the video, and once again I am gonna focus on the parts that I liked. Please be aware that the movie known as Batman and Robin is deadly torture, and you should be careful...

You have been warned.

The best part of the this review is his reactions to everything. Furthermore, I enjoyed the smashing Mary Poppins song at the end. Seriously, this critic is the man, and I applaude his fortitude in stomaching this movie. I watched it once when it first came out.

I have never recovered 0_0

Clayton B.
03 July 2008 @ 03:53 pm
Ok thanks to my wife I found this amazing site: The Nostalgia Critic. He remembers it so YOU don't have to. I am gonna post a few of his videos that I found exceptional here with little tidbits, and first up is his review of the Street Fighter Movie:

Ok the best part of this review in my opinion was his focus on Raul Julia and his portrayal of M Bison...OF COURSE! I can't get enough of that. Thanks to him, me, my wife, and roomate are all going OF COURSE just like M Bison now. Its freakin amazing.

And god that movie was bad. *shudders*
Clayton B.
24 June 2008 @ 11:02 am
Here is a video I made, a tour of Pigtopia and my guinea pigs, Moose and Nomo!

I love my boys. Seriously, they light up the house, and everyone who has seen them loves them as well. They are such funny little creatures, and are very animated. Nomo is the more people friendly piggy, and Moose is a living scardy pig.
Clayton B.
18 June 2008 @ 07:03 pm
This is such an OLD video I did.

So farkin old. And not that great too. Only AMV I ever made :O Well I take that back its the only ANIME Music Vid I ever made. I did another music video once, using CG from Grandia 2 and the song "Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja" from Lostprophets. Honestly, both sucked hardcore. But, I have a few ideas for fun videos involving World of Warcraft and I should be good.

Now to have my wife teach me how to work Windows Movie Maker and the Model Viewer.
Clayton B.
12 June 2008 @ 08:00 am

I don't why I love this video but dag nabit I do. I mean, its so silly... and yet so amazingly funny. Its like the pancakes video that I saw once, talking about how it was time to make some pancakes. Cause they are so very tasty.

This guy did another video as well which is called Jane's Brain. Its also bizarre, but not as catchy as the meatballs song here.
Clayton B.
02 June 2008 @ 04:24 pm
So lets talk some XBox games that I have played recently. First up, Armored Core 4 (AC4). I played it for about 30 minutes before I put it down. I loved the old PSOne AC Games, Master of Arena being my fav, but AC4 changed too much for me. The boosting was clunky and the weapon switching akward. I honestly was disappointed.

The other game was N3, or Ninety Nine Nights. Fun at the start, right up until I ran into a mission that was near impossible and I realized that I was gonna have to sit down and grind out levels. That was not what I was hoping for when I played this game. Oh well, it was nice otherwise.

The next game I am waiting for is Tales of Vesperia. Heres hoping I can do something with it!
Clayton B.
28 May 2008 @ 02:23 pm
So apparently EMBARQ in all its wisdom is shutting down. Well they are shutting down our Email and Chat team that is. However, thankfully, I have a place to go: Napster. Thats right, me and 4 others who once were on the Napster account are being sent BACK to that place. And I had just gotten out. Fiddlesticks says I! EMBARQ Wants to take everything in house...which is idiotic if you ask me. However, I can live with it...for now. I am gonna start lookin at options to avoid being on Napster for too long I think.
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10. Favorite place to be:
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13. Weirdest food you like:

1. A film:
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1. What are we going to do the next time we hang out?
2. How's ya mama an' dem?
3. How do you feel about the state of high school history textbooks?

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?

*post it in mah comments :P*
Clayton B.
13 May 2008 @ 01:03 pm
So nevermind the NWN Builder stuff. That server kinda went crazy, and I got told off for my fun idea about a dungeon inside of a city. And I got told off today, which is my farking BIRTHDAY! *grumbles*

However, I shall perservere, and make my own freaking module anyway! It shall be glorious I assure you! And I will not falter, oh no, I will not. Fear me and my greatness! FEAR IT!
Clayton B.
10 May 2008 @ 12:02 pm
So, after doing alot of research on my original plan of being a teacher I decided to say F-That! Reason? There have been alot of news stories about teacher layoffs, cutbacks, and even teachers getting fired for practicing "Wizardry". Seriously, here in florida a Substitute Teacher got fired for making a toothpick disappear and reappear.

Teachers do NOT get paid enough to put up with crazyness like that.

So I started looking into 2 year degree's that I could grow with, and might enjoy. And I think I found one.

Paralegal / Legal Assistant. The SCC (Seminole Community College) has an ABA (America Bar Association) approved AS Degree for Paralegal / Legal Assistant. It also appears that Paralegals make a decent wage (more then what I make here at least, I get about $20,000ish a year here, they can make starting $30,000 and go up, and in some rare cases make $100,000 a year!)

It also sounds like a fun job, dealing with strange legal cases, helping figure out how to fight the trial, ect ect. Its estimated to grow by 33% more by 2010 and doesnt show signs of stopping either!

But I am curious, do any of you know or are Paralegals? I think dependonyou might be but I dun remember 0_o

If you are, whats it like? Do you/they enjoy it?
Clayton B.
30 April 2008 @ 11:09 pm
I play Neverwinter Nights primarily now. I enjoy a good DnD romp, and I play on a Persistant World Heavy RP server thats fairly popular (the player cap is 45, and it tends to peak and cap out at night during prime time)

I have only been on the server for 2 weeks and am not very well known. Today on the server forums a discussion popped up about a lack of "Mid Level" dungeons (Level 8-16 range) and I, figuring that no one would really take me seriously yet, decided to PM the Builders Admin / Server Admin about the requirements on becoming a builder.

Next thing I know, I am added to the Builders Team! I barely know how to work the toolset! Well, I know how to place objects, rotate things, and place encounters and the like and create monsters and items...but nothing about changing an items scripts or area scripts or scripts in general!

But, I might as well give it a shot. I got a dungeon idea (gonna do a 12-15 dungeon) inside of a city! Its pretty cool.

I will let ya know how it goes.
Clayton B.
23 April 2008 @ 09:41 am
I finally did it. I beat Bioshock. It occured to me, after beating the game, that Bioshock is not just a FPS (First Person Shooter for those who dont know the lingo), but rather an RPG / FPS Hybrid (RPG = Role Playing Game).

How can it be you say? Well first, RPG / FPS Hybrids are not unknown. Take Mass Effect for example. That game is the pinnicle of the hybrid type and is a huge success.

Bioshock is similar. For proof, lets take the following information as to what makes an RPG an RPG in the first place:

1. Story. RPG's tend to be VERY Story Driven, with interesting characters and a good plot.
2. Development. Thru items or plot, the character or characters change. XP Gain, new items, and plot reveals do this.
3. World. RPG's tend to be set in full blown settings with lots of extra areas fleshed out for no other reason then to have them fleshed out.
4. Length. This is probebly the most telling. RPG's take, in general, a minimum of around 40ish hours to beat. Most take longer. Mass Effect only took 20 but is the first part of a 3 part story.

Most FPS's dont really have a fully fleshed out world, and their single player gameplay is short in most cases, ranging from 10 hours to 20ish hours of gameplay. Lets face it. Most FPS games are designed around multiplayer.

So, how does Bioshock stack up?

1. Story. Has it in spades. Characters are interesting, unique, and in some cases downright terrifying. The plot is all sorts of messed up but at the same time totally memorable.
2. Development. The game has weapons of course. What FPS doesnt. But you also get access to Special Powers in the form of Plasmids which grant things like Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis. Beyond that, you have Gene Tonics which are equipable items that allow you to customize your character the way you see fit. There are 15 tonic slots and over 53 actual tonics, so there is ALOT of customization. Beyond that, each gun has 3 types of ammo and 3 upgrades to it.
3. World. While fairly linear, Bioshock has a fully fleshed out city. Its dark, sets the mood, and has ALOT of optional areas. You can take the straight path, or wander off searching the rooms for bits and pieces of the story (found in Audio Diaries)
4. Length. 40+ hours of gameplay. Thats how long it took me, without deaths I might add, to beat this game. ITS LONG.

So, I consider Bioshock to be an FPS / RPG Hybrid because of the above criteria. And its an amazing game.

AMAZING. If you have a PC that can run it, or a 360 you should get this, rent it, whatever you need to do, and play it. Its...yea. Words fail to describe it.
Clayton B.
18 April 2008 @ 10:51 am
I am a big fan of non linear gameplay. So I decided that I will give the player choices on what he can do and in what order.  Here is the MAIN PLOT outline I have so far.  Like I said, this is main plot only and is no where near finished.  This is JUST the first town's portion of the main plot.  There will be other towns that have adventurers guild outposts that will have nothing to do with the Main Plot ect.  And of course the random sidequests you might find just by talking to people.

Basic Plot Outline for NWN Campaign

I - Arrive in Town / Join the Guild

a) Find Adventurers Guild

b) Complete 2 of 3 entrance exams / jobs

1. Clear a nearby cave out of gnolls and bring back the leaders head

2. Obtain a painting from the towns mayor by any means (Theft / Force)

3. Assist the local Temple in cleaning out the catacombs under their temple of undead

c) Once 2 of the 3 are complete, Character becomes a full member and has access to all guild halls / missions (Last Mission closes out)

II - The First Few Missions

a) Character can opt to take any of the following missions, or simply explore

1. Rescue a local farmer from a group of bandits outside the city

A) Once this is done, the farmer mentions that the bandits are part of an alliance of bandits, and asks the player to take care of the leader in the region. If the player has already completed the Temple Quest from the Cure Line then the farmer mentions nothing and simply offers thanks for the resuce.

1. Once the leader is killed, the player finds information regarding a planned attack on the city that the player is working out of.

a. Can turn this information over to the Captain of the Guard for a reward

2. Solve an argument between 2 farmers over who the land belongs too

A) The options are convincing one side that the land belongs to the other, killing one of the farmers, buying one off, or convincing them to work together

1. Each farmer will offer a reward if the player will kill the other, and asks for the others ear to prove that the deed was done.

B) Afterwards, one of the farmers asks the player to deliver some goods to market for him (whomever is the victor)

1. If the player convinced them to work together (difficult and possibly involves doing a specific task for each one) then neither will offer the delivery quest

3. Kill a local beast for a specific reagent for a wizard, and deliver it to the wizard

A) After delivery, the Wizard asks for 2 more specific reagents found in specific locations

1. Obtain some Moss found in a Tomb of a noble in the graveyard

2. Obtain the tooth of a beast, who can be found in a grove in the forest

B) Once all three reagents are found, the wizard asks the player to deliver it to the local Apothacary/Potion Shop

4. Obtain a cure for a local womans child who is ill

A) Visit woman, who suggests either visiting the Apothacary, the Wizard, or the Temple

1. Wizards Option -

a. Wizard requests several ingrediants (3-4) for the cure.

b. Once the ingrediants are obtained, the player returns to the wizard

c. Wizard creates the potion, and player can either give it freely to the mother (good) or sell it to her (evil) to save the child.

2. Apothacary Option -

a. Requests the player do a job for him before he will make the potion as he has the ingrediants

1. The job is obtaining payment from a local man who owes the Apothacary money

2. Either Intimidate, Persuade, or simply Kill the Man to get the money

b. Apothacary then creates the potion, and player can either give it freely to the mother (good) or sell it to her (evil) to save the child.

3. Temple Option -

a. Requests the player retrieve an artifact from a nearby cave in the forest full of bandits.

1. The artifact is found in the possesion of the leader. Player can buy it (expensive), persuade him to return it (cursed item) or simply kill the bandit leader

A) If player did the rescue farmer line, and already killed the leader and found the item (regardless if they have the item or not), then the cleric mentions that someone already took care of it and simply offers the cure for free. If they have the item the cleric will take it at that point.

2. Once the leader is killed, the player finds information regarding a planned attack on the city that the player is working out of.

A) Can turn this information over to the Captain of the Guard for a reward

b. Cleric creates the potion, and player can either give it freely to the mother (good) or sell it to her (evil) to save the child.


A) Once 3 of the above MAIN missions are done the rest lock out and the next set opens up (Part III)

Clayton B.
10 April 2008 @ 02:50 pm
Firstly, I beat Crackdown last night. God, the game finally gave me a challenge with the last 2 crimebosses I went after. FINALLY!

In other news: I started playing Neverwinter Nights 1 Platinum Ed again. I made a human paladin named Simir Aeres (Randomly Generated) and have been having a ball.

But...I got the itch again. To create. I hate it when I get the creating itch. BUT! This time it something I always wanted to do:

Make a Neverwinter Nights adventure Mod.

I have a "basic" main plot that I want to run. But I want fun idea's for sidequests that the PC / Party can do.

So, I figured "Hey, lets ask here!"

If you have an idea/suggestion for a fun side quest please let me know! I can't promise I will use it but if I do I will put you down in the credits when I finish the mod.

I already have an idea from my friend Dan involving Mole People.