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Clayton B.
13 May 1982
Ok so I am finally updating this profile. First and foremost, I do Sponsored Posting on this journal, which generally are marked with the tag Sponsored. If this bothers you then please dont bother reading further.

I am 26 now, married, and have a good life. I enjoy gaming and writing and reading.

There really isnt alot about me you need to know! :)

i'm in ravenclaw!

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User Number: 5015470
Date Created:2004-11-01
Number of Posts: 186

Moose Master Flex, aka Clayton, is a master of moose power, and a god of Technicle Issues. Using his Mighty Sword "Techno Madness" he leaps into the fray with his battle cry of MOOOOOOOSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!
Strengths: Super Strength (Double Lifting Capacity) +2 to STR and -2 to DEX

Hit Die d12

Str - 16 +3
Dex - 9 -1
Con - 18 +4
Int - 15 +2
Wis - 12 +1
Cha - 16 +3
Weaknesses: Janan's, Hugs, food, and cheese.. mmmm cheese...
Special Skills: Feats - Buffet Attack!, Power Attack, Cleave, Shank Master
Weapons: +5 Shocking Icy 2-Handed Sword
+2 Axe of Awesome Rock
Character Classes: Barbarian: Level 7
Fighter: Level 5

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Oh yea, and I am married to commenting

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