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18 May 2011 @ 03:57 pm
Diablo 2 Adventures: Day 1 - Deckard Cain Obtained!  
I am going to be posting here a journal of sorts of my adventures in Diablo 2. Its for fun, and you all can see my character grow from here, along with crazy triumphs and other neat things.

Yes I think of him as an item, because he basically is just a walking book of identify if ya think about it. I mean, who really just "stays a while and listens" to that windbag!

But I digress...or DO I?!

So last night I downloaded my copy of D2 with LOD from Blizzard (got it on my Bnet account woot woot) reinstalled it, and started gaming. I remembered my old login info (surprise!) and was able to create a character and get started on US East. If there is a friends list (I DONT REMEMBER ARG!) you can add me:

Acct Name - Stomphoof
Character Name - Marketus

I made a druid, werewolf based. Already he is kickin ass. Last night I played for about 2 hours, and made it to level 10 and rescued Deckard Cain. I of course did not stay and listen, as at that point it was late and I had to sleep. Stupid day job.

I have found some decent gear, and my plan right now is to max Werewolf Form and Lyncanthropcy, get a point or two in Rabies and Frenzy (I think its frenzy, the lifesteal power) and then max Fury for hilarious carnage.

I am discovering however that there is a shit TON of lag on BNet. My god, my connection is a rock solid 1MB and I was having all sorts of rubber banding and crap. Thankfully I did not die due to it.

Last nights worst fight was Blood Raven. I had a good 85% chance to hit that wench, but you would never have known it given how many damn times I missed! I timed it, took 3 minutes to kill her thanks to constantly missing my attacks! BAH!

Gear wise I didn't take any screenies, as I dont have anything miraculous at the moment. Got a few decent charms (including a small charm that add 2-4 fire damage, and some resists), my sword is a socketed sword, got a rare pair of boots and a rare chestplate. Nothing special.

Lets see what the next night brings!